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Ridership Through August 5, 2018

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Reports are issued to the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority Board of Trustees at the monthly board meeting. For a list of upcoming meetings, please visit the SORTA Board's Page.


Archived Reports

What is the Cincinnati Bell Connector?
The Cincinnati Bell Connector is Cincinnati's modern streetcar system. It is a 3.6-mile loop that connects Cincinnati's riverfront at The Banks, Downtown and Over-the-Rhine. 

Why is it called the Cincinnati Bell Connector?
Cincinnati Bell purchased naming rights to the streetcar system in August 2016 for $3.4 million for the next 10 years. All branding and logos have been changed to reflect this agreement. The naming rights sponsorship helps to offset the operating costs of the streetcar system.

Who owns the Cincinnati Bell Connector?
The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar is owned by the City of Cincinnati, managed by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority and operated and maintained by Transdev.  

How many streetcars are part of the system?
Cincinnati has five streetcars. 

How big are Cincinnati Bell Connector vehicles?
Streetcars are 77.5 feet long, 8.7 feet wide.  Each streetcar weighs 40 tons empty and can carry 38 seated and 116 standing, for a total of 154 passengers.

How does the streetcar get its power?
The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar is powered by a single, high-voltage overhead wire. There are also four power sub-stations along the streetcar route. You should use extreme caution and avoid touching the wires, poles or sub-stations.  Even if you do not see a streetcar, the power is ON.

Do I need a permit to do work near the streetcar line?
You must have appropriate permits from the City of Cincinnati to do work in the area near the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar overhead wire system or along the tracks. To obtain a track access permit or for more permit information, call the City of Cincinnati Permit Office at 513-352-3463, open weekdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call Metro’s call center at (513) 621-4455, weekdays 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.