Overhead Wires

The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar is powered by an overhead contact system (OCS) that consists of high-voltage wires located 20 feet above the street to prevent contact by anything other than the streetcar vehicles.

IMPORTANT: This is a high-voltage electrical system.
  • For safety’s sake, always assume that the electric is ON
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from the overhead streetcar wires
  • In case of emergency, call 911 immediately

Use extreme caution when doing any of the following along the streetcar route:
• Deliveries to upper floors of buildings - using lifts, jacks or other raised-platform equipment
• Chutes or throwing debris out of windows - removing construction debris from upper floors of buildings to dumpsters below
• Scaffolding, ladders, lifts, etc. - washing windows, painting, roofing or doing other maintenance work
• Wired equipment on upper floors - installing cable or satellite television, telecommunications, alarm systems, etc.
• Front-loading fork trucks -- emptying trash dumpsters
• Mast antenna -- media trucks 

You may need a Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit from the City of Cincinnati:

DOTE ROW Management Office, 801 Plum St., Suite 425, Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-352-3463, 513-352-5397 (fax)
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.